Jewelry boutique

“Concept home” designers Vlasenko Svetlana and Olga Nazarova have created an interior of jewelry boutique that looks like a jewel itself.
At the entrance to the shop floor the guests are welcomed by three – metre Atlases. They symbolize the importance and reliabity of the presented brands and perform quite a utilitarian function – support the bearing beam.
The owner of the boutique wanted the shop to have an unusual status interior. The high - level brands are presented here and the salon has to look respectively their high status.
The interior designed in a classical style creates a solemn and festive atmosphere. The abundance of glass, crystal, mirrors with facets that infinitely refract light, creating countless number of highlights, plunges the visitors into the world of luxury. The interior looks like an expensive frame for the precious stones, and here there are really a lot of them.