Beach season
Studio "Details" designed a house on the coast of the Baltic Sea which is favourable for serene rest and pleasant idleness.
A cottage by the sea is the second house for a young family where they come to relax. The house is used all year-round but in summer it is especially in demand - the closeness to the beach (the sea just "looks" into the panoramic windows) makes it favourable. The interior is designed for three people- the parents and their young daughter but the number of seats at the dining table, a huge sofa by the factory Swan and two guest bedrooms in addition to the master bedroom and a nursery speak about hospitable hosts. The whole first floor is intended to meet friends and share family vacation.
The designers have tried to get away from the monotony of finishing in the bedrooms.The plasterboard step panels are used on the largest wall that set the rate and gave momentum to the room. The front of the panel is covered with wallpaper, the butt ends are painted white. A round bed by Ivanoredaelli is placed in the center of the room. Mesh lights by factory Moooi bear more decorative function – they are made of lightweight polycarbonate, moisture resistant and safe.
Nursery is designed for a schoolgirl but is made with " prospect" for two children. The placement of beds according to “cabin principle" has significantly saved the space. Excellent bedroom image is supplemented by the rack Magis composed of cubes.
The decorative ceiling solution in the guest bedroom and the head of the bed are particularly noteworthy - soft panels of different shapes are assembled on the wall like a puzzle. Another guest bedroom under the roof has minimum furniture. The sharpness of the ceiling slants is smoothed by using a decorative finishing and is softened by lightweight chandelier from Moooi.