The skies
The apartment is on the 15th floor of Kaliningrad block of flats: only the sky is above. Panoramic windows offer a spectacular view of the city and let in lots of light, creating the feeling of space and airiness in a large apartment. The first challenge in the development of the project was to preserve the atmosphere of easiness and bring in the beauty: to make the interior refined but not sickly – sweet. As a starting point the designers took Art Deco style. In some areas it is explicitly felt, in others – one can hear only a couple of its notes.

To make a status and unique interior, some pieces of furniture by well - known brands were used; such as Capital, Klass, De Sede, Porada, Flai, Piermaria, Morfeus, Tonin casa and others.
In the hall the designers placed an unusual form of a sofa by De Sede which was supplemented with a coffee table by Tonin casa, nor less than the original form. Dining area was completed by the table on curved legs from the factory Capital and chairs from a factory Klass and Capital.

A bed with a leather headboard and massive doors to the dressing room are made at the Italian factory Capital. The doors are not included in the permanent collection of the factory, the company manufactured them at the request of the designer specially for this project.

Tonin casa TV panel is fixed on the revolving support, it can be turned 360 ° and one can watch TV comfortably both from a bed or from a chair. In addition to the master bedroom, the flat has two guest apartments. The décor of a lilac bedroom was completed by the masters of the Italian factories Piermaria, Tonin casa and Mercantini.
Another larger guest room was originally designed on the principle of a hotel room in "luxury" class: in a room there is a separate bedroom, "guest" area by Piermaria factory and some room is left for a small office from the factory Flai.